Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

It is that time of the year again!

This year has been very complicated in terms of emotions and occurrences. It brought us the much-needed light of vaccine in the darkness of COVID-19. Hope was restored again in this year. World found hope around this time of year itself. The Christmas always brings hope and joy to humanity and the world, just like it did thousands of years ago when Jesus Christ was born. He brought hope in lives of many while serving his people and blessing them throughout his entirety of life on earth and is still doing it today.

People celebrate this day remembering the sufferings of him and how he died for the sins of the people. He was born on 25th December and hence this is the day when we celebrate Christmas.

What is Christmas?

Many people around the world also celebrate this festival of love, hope and sacrifice. In fact, many non-Christians also celebrate this day. People decorate the Christmas trees, gives gifts to their loved ones, celebrate with family and in some places, play in the snow and sometimes even build a snow man. This is not even just a single day; it is a vibe for the entire month and even more. People find warmth during the coldest times of the year through each other’s company and love. People dance all night, have bonfires and games. This festival is so optimistic and pure. You can share this love and optimism through customized bobble head stickers or regional language stickers like Malayalam Stickers


It is also famous for another reason and rather another person; Santa Claus. He is said to give gifts to children on the night of Christmas. Kids absolutely adore Santa and for a good reason. It is believed that the character Santa is based on the follower of Jesus Christ named Saint Nicholas who fulfilled his command of being kind and giving to the ones in need and fulfilled the command of “giving to the neighbor.

This character is the most loved person of most Christian family children. Kids love Santa and hope they get gifts from him too. Although this character is not real, parents secretly put gifts near the tree or in the socks of their own kids posing to be Santa Claus. This makes their childhood memories awesome and exciting. In fact, kids are so afraid of the thought of Santa not visiting them that parents even trick them into thinking that if they do not behave well then, they won’t get anything from Santa as he does not give gifts to naughty children.

Real or not, we all have a special place for Santa in our hearts even if we are all grown up now.

Happy new year: 2022

Christmas brings us the end of the year. It is the happiest way to say goodbye to the bad memories while learning lessons from them. It is the time when we gather with our loved ones and talk about the past and bring back all the memories once again that we shared together. To count the blessings we got, to look back from where we started and where we are. To look back at how many people we won and how many we lost. How many people are gone forever and how they impacted us. We sing, dance, laugh and cry with each other and then say welcome to the new year. Hoping it to be a “happy new year”. Giving life a second chance again. With our heads held high, with our eyes filled with the memories of past and the excitement of future. This is why we say “we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. So, irrespective of how harsh life was on you this year, do not lose hope! Remember the good times and never forget that even the darkest, coldest and scariest nights also end with a ray of sunshine. Even if you lost something huge, even you lose someone close to your heart, do not forget that you are here for a reason and maybe the best is yet to come. Welcome the future with open arms and see the magic the world will offer to you. Because, what is life without some petals and parables? The ship only earns a name when it faces the storm and life is just that. Realize that no storm is bigger than you and you are the only one stopping you from overcoming it. So be brave and believe in yourself and do whatever it takes till you reach your goal! And before that happens, never stop and keep moving forward, even if it is one step at a time.

Also, do not forget to support and encourage others to do the same by sending then quotes and texts in Hindi language font so that it feels even closer to heart.

Christmas 2021 wishes

Let us hope that this year too it will bring us a very happy new year in the name of 2022 and may we get new hopes of life. May everyone find happiness in life and in what they have in life. May we be excited and enthusiastic for each day that comes in our life. May we never be ungrateful to God and believe in him no matter how hard the situations get.  May we all be ready to see the God’s plan for us and not give up hope. May we find light in the darkest times and warmth in the coldest spots. May we be the candle to someone’s darkness and may we find light that guides us whenever we are vulnerable. May we all be together like a happy family and there be no more fights. May we have the power to love unconditionally and realize that God is only about love and not hate. May we become a better person and a better version of ourselves and ready to strive even more to get one step closer to God. May we all be thankful for the gift of life and not waste it on remorse or hate. May we have the strength to move forward even if the times are tough and steps that we take are smaller than usual. May god bless all of us!

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