7 Reasons Why People Love Malayalam Keyboard

7 Reasons Why People Love Malayalam Keyboard

Best Malayalam typing keyboard for android
Love for Malayalam Keyboard Apk

Mobile phones are indispensable in the modern era. They have limitless applications, and they assist us in almost all tasks. So, it is next to impossible to imagine a smartphone without a digital keyboard. Digital keyboards are necessary for most of the applications in a smartphone, especially on social media platforms. A standard keyboard uses the English Language. The linguistic barriers pose a problem for people who don’t have a strong command of the English language. It makes people speaking the Malayalam language quite uncomfortable while using a standard keyboard.

To address this problem, Bharat’s Manglish Keyboard App is the leading solution when it comes to Malayalam typing across the world. With over 1 million downloads and a big library of Malayalam Stickers, the Keyboard is the top trending platform for Malayalam Keyboards online.

Here are seven reasons why the Malayalam Typing Keyboard is rising to be a user favourite:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The Manglish Keyboard App has a friendly user interface. That makes it simple to use, even for people unaccustomed to a Malayalam keyboard online. The ‘Download Statistics’ is a testimony to the user-friendliness of this app. It proves that users would prefer this keyboard app over other applications because of its intuitive User Interface and ease of usage.
  1. Sticker and GIF Library: Today’s socially connected generation is very fond of memes, emoticons, and stickers. Almost every group chat has a library of stickers. Online Chats are considered incomplete by the youth without stickers. The Malayalam Stickers provided by this keyboard app is an evergreen hit amongst users of all ages, making this app even more beloved.
  1. English to Malayalam: This keyboard application offers users to type in Malayalam directly by using Malayalam Keyboard. It also enables users to type using English alphabets which are translated to Malayalam (Manglish Keyboard). This feature comes in handy for beginners as well as for those who are still learning Malayalam.
  1. High-speed typing: The Keyboard App also provides users with Glide typing and a voice-to-text feature that converts their speech to typed text. It’s useful while multitasking, and it further increases the user’s efficiency while communicating.
  1. Personalization: The Manglish Keyboard App provides personalization to its users. It allows them to create stickers using their selfies. By deploying Artificial Intelligence, it suggests stickers based on the typed text. Keyboard appearance can be customized using themes provided in the Theme Library or by creating a custom theme. This application also supports 30 different fonts and styles. There are live themes as well, and also as an add-on, on using the IPL themes, the users will get live IPL updates on their keyboard itself.
  1. Unique Features: This keyboard application also provides a unique set of features. BigMoji is a new feature that suggests users a variety of emojis based on the text they type. BigMoji allows users to send emojis as stickers by long-pressing them. The stickers also have a customizable sound effect. This application does not require the internet to provide typing in Malayalam. It is highly reliable and trustworthy when it comes to user security and privacy. It also provides users with suggestions for mistyping.
  1. Free to use: The best part, it provides all of these features for absolutely no price.

The Manglish Keyboard App by Bharat is a flexible keyboard app for Malayalam typing with a unique set of features and a beautiful User Interface. This instantly makes it one of the best choices for Malayalam typing. So what are you waiting for, download the Malayalam keyboard now!

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