If you have regular need to type Malayalam then here are the tools for you. Listed below are the five best Malayalam typing tools available on the android Play store which will make Malayalam typing on your phone or tablet an effortless experience for you.

  1. Mаnglіѕh Mаlауаlаm Kеуbоаrd


  • The keyboard is integrated into the phone as natural keyboard thus allowing its use in various Applications on Phone.
  • It allows typing Malayalam using English keyboard. The toggle feature allows single touch navigation from English to Malayalam and vice versa.
  • Predictive texts for Malayalam words when online.
  • Impressive user interface, simple, fast and easy to use.
  • Has 7,446 user reviews on Playstore.


  • Although the keyboard works without internet, the auto suggestions are limited on offline mode.
  • Numerals are not converted from English to Malayalam.
  • No predictions for English typing and no emoticons.
  1. Malayalam Keyboard for Android


  • This kеуbоаrd lets you type Mаlауаlаm with the Indian government approved Inscript layout. Its toggle feature allows switching between English and Malayalam with ease.
  • The keyboard layout promotes ease of typing because of the unique pattern of display of the characters.
  • The keyboard is integrated into the phone as natural keyboard thus allowing its use in various Applications on Phone.
  • Attractive and simple Design promoting ease of use.
  • Has 13,855 user reviews on Playstore with 10,252 users giving a 4star or plus review.


  • No word Predictor.
  • No Emoticon support.
  1. Eаѕу Mаlауаlаm Kеуbоаrd


  • It opens as a separate App and displays all the characters in 4 separate tabs which allows effortless typing in Malayalam.
  • It has a colourful and attractive user interface.
  • Easy to use. Non cumbersome.


  • The keypad makes a sound and vibration while one types.
  • No word predictor.
  • It has a four window layout and one has to constantly navigate between them.
  1. Sparsh Malayalam Keyboard


  • It is a soft keyboard that is integrated into your phone and allows you to easily type Malayalam using any application on your phone for eg. Messages, Whats App, Mail etc.
  • Easy to use. Non cumbersome.
  • It encompasses all the letters in a single window by showing all the variations of a letter when we press on it making it easy and fact to type. The need to scroll and search for a particular variation is done away with.
  • Word suggestions also provided.
  • It gives the user an option to switch to English as and when required by pressing the toggle button.
  • It has a bold and visually appealing user interface.


  • Variety of emoticons not available. Merely :-).
  1. Ezhuth – Mаlауаlаm Kеуbоаrd


  • This unique keyboard allows you to type the Malayalam word using the English keyboard and it automatically converts it to Malayalam script. You can also choose a word from the word suggestions.
  • It saves the hassle of typing on a Malayalam keypad especially for those not familiar with such typing.
  • The App allows you to share your typed text to other Applications like Whhats App, Mail, etc.
  • It has the added benefit of a Multi language translator which allows you to paste a body of text in your chosen language and translates the same.


  • Typing must be done in the App and the phone keyboard remains unaltered. Does not allow Malayalam typing in other Apps.

The above 5 are the top malayalam keyboard for android